Chalet Christy | About Us

chaletgrandloup nendazChalet Christy is owned by Steve and Karen Allen who, after over 20 years of hands-on experience in the UK hospitality industry running pubs and restaurants, have now relocated to the beautiful mountain village of Haute-Nendaz.

Chalet Christy was purchased in 2006 and converted into an 8 bedroomed, 6 bathroom chalet, sleeping 16 people, in comfort.


Mature chalet hosts look after guests durig the winter months.

Steve and Karen share a passion for skiing, good food and wine, hospitality and enjoy the other benefits and pleasures that the Haute-Nendaz area has to offer all year round.

04Steve is a qualified chef and BASI certified ski instructor (British Association of Snowsports Instructors) whilst Karen looks after the housekeeping and the administrative elements of their catered chalets in the Swiss Alps,Chalet Christy and Chalet
Grand Loup.